It's a dispute over a dump in Nanakuli.
Some neighbors in that area are filthy mad about the landfill in their backyard, and now the company in charge of the trash site wants to make the landfill larger.  Their problem is not the smell,  but the dust and traffic caused by all the trucks going in and out of their community.

Bella Matamua has lived near Lualualei Road in Nanakuli since 1971. 
She says, "you can see the mountains. They're still there. You can still see them past the landfill mound. We've given up on dusting in the morning because with all the trucks on the road, all the dust just keeps coming in."

Stephen Joseph is with PVT Land Company. He says the expansion would be about 120 feet.
Joseph says, "we're going up , not out and where we are going up is in the back of the landfill. The farthest away from any residents." 
Joseph also says the expansion could increase the amount of trucks in the area by about 100 trips on the busiest days. 
He says, "all the trucks coming into us, come from the opposite traffic flow. Basically, in the morning when everyone is leaving to go to work, then the trucks are coming in to us."  
Matamua was there before the dump was built and was hoping it would close. She says,"I don't want to move. My parents picked that spot and we call  that home. I want to keep that home. I don't want to leave."  
PVT Land Company should know by the first week of February if it's request to make the trash site bigger is approved. 
The company says the expansion will add 27 new jobs.