On Thursday just before 9 a.m., people at Koko Marina captured this scene in the water: flames coming out the back of a 19-foot ski boat.

The Hawaii Water Sports Center was taking a couple of tourists out on the boat when all of a sudden the crew heard a strange sound and saw flames.

According to fire officials, about a half-dozen private boats kept the vessel from floating away. They used water-spray from props to ease the flames.

“A lot of people started to move toward the windows, and I took a peek and one of the boats was on fire,” said Ben Bystrom, one of the witnesses. “First there was a lot of smoke and then the flames were quite large and lasted for about 20 to 25 minutes.”

The Sports Center says four people were on board -- the captain, a photographer and two Japanese tourists. They all jumped off and swam to safety.

EMS treated the female tourist and photographer for minor burns. The Center was able snag the boat before it sank to the bottom and pulled it out of the way.