A large grant will make The University of Hawaii at Manoa home to the best "data visualization system" in the country. The National Science Foundation issued a $600,000 grant for UH will added $257,000 for a total of $857,000.

     The CyberCANOE -- is a visualization and collaboration infrastructure -- allowing students and researchers to work together more effectively -- to convert large amounts of data into IMAGES. The new 2D and 3D "stereo-scopic" display is better than what you can get at ANY OTHER U.S. University.

     Some of the inspiration for the schools project came from Star Trek.

     "It's an important grant because Hawaii needs visualization and in order to make visualization happen in Hawaii we need to have the right tools. Said Jason Leigh, Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa Computer and Information Science. "It's not enough to just throw up a visualization system in hawai'i, we need to have the best."

     U-H estimates roughly 1,000 researchers and students will use the new technology.