Two alleged gambling operations right here in Honolulu have been shut down by police. The busts happened across two game rooms near 1684 Kalakaua Avenue just a couple of blocks away from the Hawaii Convention Center.

More than a half dozen police vehicles showed up to the building around 5 p.m. Undercover police removed more than a half dozen gaming machines from the establishments. A customer who did not want to go on camera told us the game rooms have been there for less than a year.

An employee who also wanted nothing to do with the camera echoed that statement and also said, "If cops were smart they'd get into the business too. It's lucrative, just lucrative the money being made."

We also heard from several people who live in immediate area. They all had similar feelings while they watched the raid happen. One of the residents said, "it's about time."

No word yet on whether or not anyone was arrested.