HONOLULU - A small 2.5 ounce bottle of local noni juice is making a big splash across the globe. Hawaiian Ola owner Naeha Breeland says her company's success is all thanks to exposure from the Honolulu Marathon expo.

"It has definitely gotten the word out. Many people that i have seen in stores doing demos or just talking to people are like, 'We saw you guys at the expo last year'," said Breeland.

The expo, geared toward athletes, is a four day event where marathon participants can pick up their race packets and also browse through the thousands of athletic products before race day.

David Monti with Race Results Weekly has followed the run in Hawaii for 14 years. He says when it comes to business generated by events leading up to the marathon, the numbers are big.

"It's about $100 million economic impact that hits the islands from the Honolulu Marathon," said Monti.

The race is the fourth largest in the U.S. and has turned into one of the greatest draws for tourism especially since it is right before the holiday season.

"There is this little dip that people are less likely to travel. There are more hotel rooms available and now we have more business activity that comes into that little valley before the Christmas holidays," said Monti.

Race organizers say this is the largest year yet with nearly 100 vendors spread out across the Hawaii Convention Center floor.

It gives businesses world-wide exposure, something Maui Jim employees participating for the first time, understand.

"We do have a lot of sports pairs but a lot of the athletes bring their families so we want to bring a ton of sunglasses that can market to the whole family," said Coleton Nieukirk, event specialist with Maui Jim.

It costs anywhere from $700 to $2,000 to reserve a booth, money local business owners say is well spent.

For Marathon Expo hours, click here.