HONOLULU - The people have spoken!

On Tuesday, Bikeshare Hawaii announced the bikesharing system that will be used when it starts up next summer in Honolulu.

This past summer, Bikeshare Hawaii asked for public input on bikes and systems to be used in Honolulu. They held open houses and asked the public to vote.

The winner: this bike from PBSC Urban Solutions.

“This is the bike that the public had the best response to and when I take it around people consistently stop me and say, that’s a cool bike, which is exactly the response that we want,” said Ben Trevino, President and COO of Bikeshare Hawaii. “It’s the same model of bike as we showed in the showroom, but it’s got a different paint job and a few other features. It has a closed basket, which is one of the pieces of feedback we received from the people who came to visit.”

Trevino says they are still planning to launch the system next summer with 2,000 bikes at 200 stations from Waikiki to Chinatown. 

The final system will look different with different colors and logos.