NUUANU, Hawaii - A big snake was spotted slithering in a driveway in Nuuanu last night off Old Pali Road.

According to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, it's a nearly 7-foot boa constrictor.

"I'm pretty sure it escaped because it's not very feisty. He might be hungry. That's why he's looking at the glass. He doesn't act like a wild snake," said Keevin Minami, Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture.

It's illegal to have a snake in Hawaii. They pose a serious threat to the state's environment. Many species prey on birds and their eggs, increasing the threat to endangered native birds. Large snakes can also be a danger to the public and small pets.

The last snake found was back in September when a ball python was discovered under a car in Pearl City. This snake will be sent to a rescue facility on the mainland.

If a person is caught with a snake in Hawaii, fines start at $5,000. Anyone with information on illegal animals should call the state's toll-free pest hotline
at 643-PEST.