HONOLULU - It's been an exciting week for crew members of Hokulea in South Africa who met with and honored Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu.

“Hokulea's voyage of Malama Honua is doing what you have told us for years. We must care for each other for all life on earth,” said Hawaii delegation member Pam Omidyar.

They presented him with several ho’okupu -- or gifts -- including a Hokule’a Malama Honua shirt.

They also sang him the song “Ho’oheno keia no akipihopa Desmond Mpilo Tutu,” which was written as a tribute for Tutu.

“Everything which you have done has made the world a better place,” said Navigator Nainoa Thompson. “Taking care of one child at a time."

Thompson presented the Archbishop with a quilt of peace flags created by Hanahauoli School students. It was given to him on behalf of his advocacy for the impoverished youth in South Africa.

The Polynesian Voyaging Society has built a special relationship with Tutu.

In August of 2012, while visiting Hawaii, Tutu blessed Hokulea as she prepared for this four-year voyage around the earth. The Archbishop and his wife even took a brief sail on the canoe where he got a hand at steering the canoe.

“It’s amazing and it’s uplifting for those who look at you, who read about you, to see you," Tutu spoke of the voyage. "And I know you have left many blessings. And as you have left blessings here, we hope you will take some blessings home."

Hokulea will spend several weeks in dry dock in Cape Town before she heads for South America.