HONOLULU - Rising out of the coral and dirt in West Oahu is Ka Makana Alii....

 When it's finished..... 150 shops and restaurants will call it home...

Each tenant given the freedom to help design their new homes.

“We definitely rely on our retailers to know what makes them successful to get them all together where they can compliment each other, said DeBartolo Development’s VP of development Rich Hartline.

“H&M who’s on Kalakaua definitely likes the two story format, so we were able to give it to them because it is new construction. Macy’s feels very very good about its prototype. This is their first ground up store ever in Hawaii."

Macy’s walls are up.   And work has begun on the first Hilton Hampton Suites Hotel in Hawaii.

On site today were between four hundred and five hundred construction workers.

The contractors are using all local labor. That wasn’t that easy because the construction industry is booming here.

DeBartolo officials say they chalk it up to years of pre planning with their local general contractor Nordic PCL.

While DeBartolo executives are excited about opening in time for next year’s holiday season, they say they are just as excited about the positive impact the development will have on the Native Hawaiian community.

Ed Kobel is the President and COO of DeBartolo Development.

“Our long term partnership with the Department of Hawaiian Homelands,” Kobel said,” and the ability from the ground lease payments that go to the department to provide affordable housing for Native Hawaiians is something that you don’t often get a chance to do something of that magnitude to impact people for a lifetime. A legacy of generations and that is something that really is important to us.”

DeBartolo Development will pay out nearly one billion dollars in lease payments to DHHL over the life of the lease.  The company will also build a park for the community.