HONOLULU - A broken bag or missing items are just some of the complaints travelers say the Transportation Security Administration in Hawaii is responsible for.

There have been 1,274 claims filed at airports around the state over the past five years and 452 of them have been paid.

TSA officials screen all checked bags for explosives but less than 5% of them are physically opened.

Each exam is done in a secure room with a security camera to protect employees from false claims and to help passengers see what exactly happens to their luggage.

"We understand that it's the price of doing business. Unfortunately things happen when you're dealing with two million people every day. I mean, that's a lot of bags so we are going to do everything we can to make sure we take care of your property," said Nico Melendez, TSA spokesperson.

Hilo International Airport

  • Claims: 45
  • Claims paid: 22
  • Amount: $3,928

Honolulu International Airport

  • Claims: 711
  • Claims paid: 240
  • Amount: $37,686

Kahului Airport

  • Claims: 265
  • Claims paid: 101
  • Amount: $17,320

Kona International Airport

  • Claims: 112
  • Claims paid: 39
  • Amount: $6,163

Lihue Airport

  • Claims: 141
  • Claims paid: 50
  • Amount: $4,392