HONOLULU - When the Kansas City Royals recorded the final out of the World Series, possibly the only person cheering louder than the players and their fans was Dave Oancea.

He's a professional gambler, and at the beginning of the season, he plunked down a $100,000 bet on the Royals to win it all. They were 30-1 odds.

"They were 7-oh and and i knew they had made it the year before. so it was great value and they had a great bullpen." says Oancea. "That's why the Astros and Blue Jays had no chance. So I knew they were experienced."

When the Royals found themselves down seven times in the 8th inning or later in the post season, the man who goes by Vegas Dave kept the faith.
"I knew they were a team of destiny. They would always fight back in time. There was a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress but i knew $2.5 million wouldn't come too easy. I definitely had to go through some hurdles to get that type of money and I sure did."

Today, Vegas Dave is $2.5 million richer.

What a road it's been to this point. Admittedly up to no good at home in Hawaii -- his parents urged him to get a college education. So he enrolled in UNLV.    

"So I took a $10,000 student loan. I took it to the palms casino and put it all on roulette and bet red. That turned to $20,000 and I had my bank roll."

Vegas Dave says he wagers between $100,000 to $200,000 a week, but he's never had a single pay day as large as this one.

As for revealing his next big bet...

"I can't give that out for free. people pay me for my picks so I want to be honest to my paying customers. But I do have a team to win the Super Bowl and a team to win college football championship."