RADDATZ: Our thanks to Tom, and Ben Carson joins us now from Tennessee. Good morning Dr. Carson. I want to start with that evening meeting in Washington with other campaigns about debates going forward. What do you want changed specifically?

CARSON: Well we have to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of a debate? And the real purpose is to allow the voters to have an opportunity to see what's behind each of the candidates. What do they actually think about the various policies that are affecting the lives of everyday Americans? If you make that the goal that will help you define how a debate should go and some of the things that we've seen recently, that certainly was not the goal.

RADDATZ: So what would you like changed specifically, the number of participants? The moderators?

CARSON: Well I would like to see us be able to have a substantial opening statement, at least a minute, a substantial closing statement, at...

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