From Chapter 1:

???Hey? Jake Wood? It???s McNulty. William McNulty. Remember we talked six months ago????

Vaguely. Barely. ???Yeah,??? Jake said. ???What can I do for you????

???I saw your Facebook post about Haiti,??? McNulty said. ???I???m in.???

It was January 13, 2010. A day earlier, Jake Wood had been sitting in his apartment in Burbank, glued to the news about the devastation in Haiti???the collapsed buildings, wounded civilians, the chaos in the streets. It looked a lot like a war zone. He had been there before, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He realized that he missed it.

Jake had been honorably discharged from the Marines in October 2009. His plan was to make the transition to full-fledged adulthood. He was applying to business schools for an MBA. But right now, Jake couldn???t take his eyes off the tube. They were saying that no relief was...

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