Dozens of homeowners in Honolulu have started the process of building an extra unit on their property, a month after the city passed a law allowing Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs).

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ADU's allow homeowners to build or convert part of their property into a rentable unit--- it's aimed at helping low income renters.

The race is on now that they are legal.

B&G Design and Build already has three models prepared for potential homeowners. From the 820 foot Laniakea complete at just under $40,000 to the 18-by-18 foot Ehukai that cost just under $60,000.

“We're actually using modular components that we've designed to go inside the actual ADUs themselves, so using prefabricated kitchen systems and prefabricated bathrooms, and we have prefabricated furniture that we've been working on for many years,” said Travis Wittmeyer, B&G Architecture Design Build.

B&G is not the only ones who have jumped out in front. An ad for Finance Factors started running in the daily newspaper just after the ADU bill was signed into law last month.

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