Almost 100 guinea pigs were surrendered to Poi Dogs & Popoki, an animal welfare nonprofit, after a pet owner was evicted from his apartment.

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The nonprofit plans to work with Petco to get the guinea pigs adopted if the owner does not make the 15-day deadline to reclaim them. About 20 other guinea pigs were taken to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

About twenty other guinea pigs were taken to the Hawaiian Humane Society and four ducks are being cared for by Wild Bird Rehabilitation.

According to the Poi Dogs & Popoki President Alicia Maluafiti, this kind of situation highlights our pet overpopulation challenges and the burden that it places on pet owners.

“People are facing financial challenges, finding themselves homeless with no way to care for their animals, and with our aging population, pets often get left behind when owners pass away,” Maluafiti said.

Maluafiti also brings up the importance of owners spaying and neutering their pets.

“And while we are quick to advocate sterilizing dogs and cats because they are more often euthanized, managing guinea pig breeding is relatively easy by just separating males and females. They are baby-making machines if raised together,” she said.

Some of the guinea pigs are babies, possibly a couple of weeks old, and four others are pregnant. Poi Dogs & Popoki are doing health checks and treating them for parasites among other issues.

For those interested in adopting a guinea pig, Petco will be hosting the Grand Guinea Pig Adoption Events at its Pearl City (1134 Kuala St, Pearl City, HI 96782) and Beretania (1121 S Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96814) locations on October 24. The animals will be available for a $15 adoption fee. Please click here for more information or email