The Blue Angels will hit a high note when they perform for thousands this weekend in Kaneohe, but for one pilot, being here in Hawaii is extra special.

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On Tuesday, students at Maryknoll welcomed Blue Angels Pilot Lt. Matt Suyderhoud home.

“Holy cow! I walked in here, and I haven’t been back to school in a while,” he said.

Suyderhoud returned to his alma mater to share his high-flying experiences.

“The gym wasn't even here when I was here, so coming here to this facility is incredible. You walk in and the crowd goes wild,” said Suyderhoud.

Suyderhoud says back in his Maryknoll days, he already knew he was going to be a pilot.

“When I was 3 years old, I went to a Blue Angels show for the first time, and I still have that picture and I remember that big impact on my life and meeting that Blue Angel,” said Suyderhoud. “And it was a special moment and to be on the flip side of that where I’m inspiring kids.”

“He wasn't just talking about short term goals, he was talking about long term goals. He was talking about every day and things we need to do now to reach our long term goals that we have. So I thought that was great,” said senior Lindsey Lee.

Suyderhoud has been one of the Blue Angels for more than a year. That's more than 1,800 flight hours, including upside down and wingtip-to-wingtip. But for Suyderhoud, the exhilarating experience for him is being back home in Hawaii.

“I landed yesterday in Kaneohe Bay, the cockpit opened up, and I smell the rain and the hula and I said, ‘Man, I'm home…’ It's incredible.”