While purse snatchings aren't uncommon – the way one happened in Waikiki has some residents stunned. The armed robbery took place near the Trump hotel Monday afternoon.

It’s another crime partially caught on camera, but the video shows an alleged thief about to jump in a black Mazda trying to get away with a woman’s purse. And that woman’s right behind him trying to get it back.

She nearly gets hit then dragged as she reaches in the driver’s side window.

Kalei Palehapa's shrimp truck was parked just off of Beach Walk in Waikiki and just a few feet away from the get-away car. He was working when he saw it happen.

“I could hear a scream and that was it, and then he dragged her down, grabbed the purse – actually, he went to cut the purse off her, but in the struggle, he dropped the knife right here on the ground,” said Palehapa.

Sun Moon says he saw the robbery too from the surveillance camera that he owns. It happened around mid-day.

“The lady was very brave, and then she got on the side of the car and she was reaching in and the car took off and looked like it was almost dragging her,” said Moon.

Both witnesses told KITV4 the car had three men in it and were driving back and forth throughout the area.    

During the robbery, Palehapa says he caught the car’s license plate and can identify the suspects. Unfortunately, they were too far from his vehicle to chase them down.

“By the time I came back, the guy was already down the road. I wish I was in my truck because the outcome would’ve been different. We would’ve actually caught him,” said Palehapa.

Palehapa also said the woman didn't get hurt during the scuffle. He expects to get a call from HPD on Tuesday to help pick the suspects out of a line-up.

At last checked, no arrests in this case have been recorded.