On Friday, just before 10 a.m., Ocean Safety officials investigated a shark bite on Oahu’s North Shore near the surf spot known as “Leftovers.”

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According to Emergency Medical Services, 25-year-old surfer Colin Cooks suffered a bite to his left leg. He was hospitalized in critical condition.

John Carper, a well-known surfboard shaper who lives in the North Shore area, was there at the time to help the victim get to shore.

“When they said he got his leg bit off, I was thinking a big giant gash on it, maybe it’s hanging there. They’re going to put it back on. It’s going to be weird, but he’s going to have it, but when we brought him to the beach, it was gone,” said Carper.

Carper remembers Cooks yelling out after he got bit by the shark and then swimming over to a standup paddle surfer. That surfer along with others helped bring Cook to shore.

Carper also remembers that once Cooks got to shore, there wasn’t much blood coming out because someone had already put a tourniquet on his leg.

“He didn’t do anything that’s abnormal. He didn’t bring it on or anything like that. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Carper.

Carper believes Cooks is the kind of guy who has it in him to get through this and be back out there surfing again. He also shares that Cooks worked and lived with him for several years.

Lifeguards posted warning signs from Laniakea Beach to Waimea Bay. Witnesses reported the shark to be 10-to-12-feet-long, but there is no confirmation on the type of shark. The area will be reassessed in the morning and the call will be made whether or not to keep the warning signs posted.