At the Hawaii Historic Arms Association (
) "Great Guns Show," some of the firearms were just for show while others were available for purchase.  

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In 2000, there were more than 13,000 firearms in our state; in 2013, that number shot up to 60,000.

This year, nine people were killed during the mass shooting in Oregon by a man who had an arsenal of weapons.

"Unfortunately he was a law abiding citizen, acquired his guns legally and for unknown reasons, he did what he did," said Philip Rapoza, HHAA.

Exhibitors at Saturday's "Great Gun Show" were hoping that the recent shooting in Oregon wouldn't trigger lawmakers to tighten the rules on purchasing firearms in Hawaii.

"It's a lot better here as far as keeping the guns out of the hands of the crazy people because we do an actual medical and mental background check where most other states do not," says Brian Takaba, a gun store owner.

"I think overall Hawaii has a not too bad, pretty good balance between trying to allow people to bear arms lawfully and at the same time protect public safety," said Sen. Maile Shimabukuru.

Since 2000, there have been only six concealed carry permits issued in Hawaii. Some here believe more should be allowed.

"I think if a lot of people are allowed to conceal and carry, maybe possibly somebody could be stopped before, you know, other tragedies happen," said Rosalie Guarriello, a gun owner.

When it comes to purchasing a firearm, Hawaii has some of the most strict regulations. The average wait time is more than two weeks.

"Some people who are new to shooting find it an inconvenience but find out that when you go through it, it's not a bad process, it's to insure safety. We also have one of the lowest shooting rates death or injury nation wide."," says Rapoza.

"Overall I'm so grateful we live in a state where we don't have a lot of gun violence," says Shimabukuro.

Following the mass shooting in Oregon, President Barack Obama addressed the nation, calling for Americans to press politicians for stricter gun regulation.