Ocean temperatures are rising and are expected to peak this Saturday, October 3rd. That's bad news for Hawaii's coral reefs as warmer water contributes to coral bleaching.  

This weekend, the state DLNR is supporting the first-ever “Bleachapalooza,” which brings volunteers together statewide to receive training on how to identify coral bleaching in their areas and how to report their findings to the Eyes of the Reef Network.

“So many people come to Hawaii to see coral reef, and if they’re bleached or if they’ve died off, then people don’t want to see that, so it’s incredibly important we do everything we can to help corals recover from this event,” said Anne Rosinski, DLNR, Division of Aquatic Resources.

The goal is to find and document bleached corals.

For information on how you can volunteer at Bleachapalooza, please visit the "As Seen On" section of KITV.com.