A plan to save Waikiki from a water disaster would also change the face of the Ala Wai Canal.

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On Wednesday, the proposed changes to the canal were presented at Washington Middle School followed by public comments.

The plan calls for building six in-stream debris and detention basins along the Makiki, Manoa and Palolo streams, as well as three more detention basins in open space areas of the urbanized part of the areas watershed and higher floodwalls on the Ala Wai Canal. Those walls are planned to be around 4-feet high.

“We’re designing the walls so that people will still have an ability to look into the water with the new paddlers, especially will use the canals on a daily basis, will have the ability to get in and out of the canal without major problems or difficult problems,” said Derek Chow, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Army Corps of Engineers wants to spend $173 million to get it done. According to one of their officials, it’s only a matter of time before the Ala Wai Canal overflows its banks during a severe storm.

One study showed that could cause as much as $318 million in structural damage.

This proposed project isn't guaranteed to happen. It’s still in the early stages of planning, and at the moment, there’s no money approved to implement it.