It's one of Hawaii's most popular and most visible natural landmarks. However, Punchbowl also happens to be at the center of one of Oahu's most congested areas.

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A developer is asking for a permit to add a new condo tower, but that proposal doesn't sit well with many of the current residents.

For 20 years, Cheryl Sato has called Prospect Street her home. But as much as she appreciates its quaint confines, its narrow sidewalks and narrow roads accommodate more than it can handle.

"Our street is as dangerous as is. We have a lot of traffic here," said Sato. "We've had a lot of accidents on this street. With construction it's going to be even worse.

The pending project is a 110-unit condominium that would be built on a 1.6-acre plot of land on the makai-facing slope of Punchbowl.

Longtime residents say the very thought contradicts the very by-laws the area was founded on.

"Really, the Punchbowl district was created to prevent such things. Not to allow more to be built," said Punchbowl resident Frank Robben. "In some ways, it's a bit ironic we're being presented another large development in the exact same space."

PBR says its 40-foot-tall structure satisfies all the requirements to be built. At a Planning and Permitting meeting on Wednesday, the company says it won't jeopardize the integrity or beauty of Punchbowl crater.

"There's currently six driveways on this property so we're actually taking six conflict points and reducing it to two. As far as conflicts and turning movements, it's really something much safer than the current situation," said Tom Schnell of PBR Hawaii Planning and Architecture.

For now, the blueprint will remain just that. Today's testimony will go into consideration as PBR awaits the approval of a district permit to begin building.