A former Honolulu police officer has been sentenced to four years of probation for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

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On Tuesday, the victim spoke out in court as well as former officer Danson Cappo who apologized to her for his crime.

“This incident has cost me my career and everything I've worked toward for my life,” said Cappo. “I’ve come to realize how horrible this must have been for her and how I would feel if my sister and mom had to go through that. I don’t ever want to be in another toxic relationship.”

With tears in his eyes, the former Honolulu police officer begged the judge to give him another chance. Last year, Cappo physically abused his ex-girlfriend who said it’s been on more than one occasion. At the time, Cappo was a Honolulu police officer.

“I remember the night in March like it just happened. I remember begging the responding police officer to believe me and thinking they wouldn't because, as Danson put it, he was an officer and his father was an officer and no one would believe me because I have no power like he did,” said Christine Cabuse.

Cabuse fought back tears as she told the judge that at first she was afraid to ask for help.

“More importantly, he used his authority as a police officer and used his weapon to discourage me from getting the help that I needed,” said Cabuse. “I stand here and plead with you. I put my life and trust in your hands that you will do the right thing.”

The judge sentenced Cappo to four years of probation. He may not contact the victim.

“I make a choice every day to try and forgive him,” said Cabuse. “I'm here to let everyone know it's ok to speak out even if you think you don't have a voice.”

The judge also granted Cappo a deferral meaning if he follows his probation. In four years, he could have the charges removed from his record.