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A local entertainer's already feeling the economic effects of this new variant -- he's in limbo as Japan closes off its borders to the rest of the world. Japan's among the dozens of countries imposing travel restrictions as fear of the new variant circles the globe.

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A $377 million rental car center with room for 4,500 vehicles will be opening at Honolulu’s airport this week. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports many customers will be able to walk to the five-story facility from airline terminals, eliminating the need for rental car companies to run pickup shuttles on a constant loop. Rental companies will have room to store, rent, fuel, wash and repair cars. State general funds didn’t pay for the project. Instead, it was built with revenue from a $4.50 daily fee applied to car rentals. Planning for the facility began in 2012 and construction started in 2016.