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Aging Well: senior couple wanted for free photo shoot

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Aging Well: senior couple wanted for free photo shoot

Do you know of a senior couple who would like a professionally done photograph? A Mililani woman is giving away a free portrait sitting. Mililani photographer Lori McKeown says capturing special memories can help people with Aging Well.

See the little girl on the right? That's a six-year-old McKeown. These are some of the first photos her family took of her. When you're the last of a bunch kids with a dad on deployment and a mom doing everything, documenting your existence falls low on your parents' priority list.

McKeown says, "I was the fourth child. I didn't have pictures of myself. I didn't care till I had my own daughter."

That's when she realized how important photographs are in people's lives, and took a personal vow. "I made a promise that I was going to help people capture memories they couldn't have," she tells me. 

A Waialua Elementary School teacher for 31 years, she had lots of requests to help her students and their families. "They want to do for their kids and don't want the kids to see them struggle. I let them know, 'If you guys need something, pictures, call me, I'll be there."

Requests for help increased when the coronavius hit. She helped them save their memories - and their money - by shooting their graduation photos, sporting events, or family portraits for free. "We had a lot of kids whose parents lost their jobs. To help in some way, what better way than to give them memories?"

From high school seniors to senior citizens, McKeown is giving away a free photo shoot. Do you fit these qualifications? "A senior couple who's energetic, in love, and wants to capture the memories," she lists.

McKeown says the subjects may be the seniors, but the beneficiaries are the whole family. "Share your past. Create your future. Create memories that are going to last forever. Really, that's all we have," she says.

During the month of September, enter to win on McKeown's Facebook page