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Adopt-A-Family: The Kahalioumis

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The Kahalioumis

From left: Noe Lose, Kristen Miracle Kahalioumi-Lose, and Kaizlyn Kahalioumi.

Kaizlyn Kahalioumi has been doing it all on her own.

“I've actually been in Oahu for like, 10 years, maybe. But I don't have any really immediate family up here. It's just pretty much me. And my other half and my daughter,” Kaizlyn said.

After moving from the Big Island a decade ago, Kaizlyn decided to make a go for it in the city.

“In actuality we were homeless for a good amount of time and it was a crazy but it was a good experience. Something that we would never want to go back to you know,” Kaizlyn said. “And then got into a different programs. Finally got housing, got good jobs, and then COVID happened.”

Kaizlyn said her family of three was doing pretty good, until they got sick. Then she had to quit work to take care of her daughter.

“My daughter, my other half actually got COVID. So to see them in that situation kind of killed me a lot. But I did everything I could for them. And they're healthy today. So we're just happy,” Kaizlyn said.

Growing up on the Big Island, Kaizlyn said she had a big family but life got in the way and she was taken from her home.

“The foster care, it was kind of just something that happened. It wasn't in our control already where we just had to leave,” she recalled. “I look back on that situation. And yeah, I do pay attention a lot more. I only have one child, but like, it's hard. Especially with a toddler, the things they do like the situation that got me into foster care, I would never be able to ever be able to like, imagine that with my daughter.”

Kaizlyn said she named her daughter's Kristen Miracle Kahalioumi-Lose. Her partner’s name is Noe Lose.

It's been a trying year, but Kaizlyn still smiles when she thinks about her daughter's smile and the simple things.

“The one thing I love about my daughter's that when she could get anything, regardless what it is, and unwrap it and just be happy -- be so stoked about having something and that's like, what just makes me so happy,” Kaizlyn said.

“This year, it's been our roughest year so far. But I'm just glad that I have people that actually care to help us out. And I'm like, really grateful for all the things that you guys are going to do for my family. And I appreciate you guys a lot. Thank you,” Kaizlyn said.

Here's to a better next year, too.

AAAF-Helping Hands: The Kahalioumis

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