A Maui man who contracted rat lungworm disease after eating a salad -- is suing the company who sold it to him.

In the lawsuit, Scott Hessler claims that in February 2017, he consumed a slug that was in a salad he received from Hana Fresh. 

Hessler reports he fell sick almost immediately, but over the next few months, his condition got so bad that he couldn't walk or stand without excruciating pain.

"The sun was bothering me as it hit my skin and the warmth or the hair. I couldn't, I remember driving to the doctors and your hair would be blowing. I'd have to roll the windows up because the motion in the hair that would go down through the follicle and it gets to the nerves," said Hessler.

Hessler says he still has trouble walking, and lost his job shortly after his diagnosis.

He's asking for damages, and claims Hana Fresh didn't give sufficient warning about the dangers of consuming fresh produce.

KITV4 reached out to Hana Health -- the company that owns Hana Fresh -- and in a statement, they say they haven't been served with a complaint.

They add that, "Hana Fresh has had a slug/snail abatement program for almost 12 years -- long before rat lungworm became an issue. We stand by our product as safe to consume."