Efforts to clean up areas of Kaka'ako are expanding.

The hui "Ka Po'e o Kaka'ako" or The People of Kaka'ako announced Thursday that it will conduct weekly clean ups around the Children's Discovery Center. 

The group is made up of houseless residents in the area focused on improving the cleanliness of area parks. 

"We just want to turn this thing around. We want to make it where we can work with the City, we can work with the government we can be a good part of society if they just let us, if they just give us a place to dwell for the time being. We understand it's only going to be temporary but at least it's a start," John Ka'ulupali of Ka Po'e o Kaka'ako said. 

Members will also be encouraging the homeless living around the Center to relocate to Kaka'ako's Mauka Park where a community-building effort has begun.