HONOLULU - Thousands of federal employees are now going on day two without pay.

Things appear to be going smoothly at the Daniel K. Inouye Airport checkpoints. TSA employees say they haven't noticed any major changes or set backs from the shutdown, but that's not the case at some other airports. 

In fact, an entire concourse closed early at Miami's international airport over the weekend due to a shortage in TSA screeners. 

In Houston, a shortage in staffing also forced the airport there to shutdown one of its security checkpoints. 

Hundreds of TSA employees at major airports nationwide have called out sick because they are not getting paid.

Nicholas Myers, who travels for work said, "You're hearing stories now about TSA agents being out, folks getting by with contraband items they forgot were in their luggage. It's a real concern that these guys are out. And I feel bad for them as well; they provide a great service for those of us who do fly everyday. I feel a lot safer with those guys on the ground, looking for luggage, even when I'm the one who gets picked."

In addition to TSA employees, air traffic controllers are also working without pay.

KITV4 spoke to TSA employees who say they are hopeful that the shutdown will end soon.