WASHINGTON, D.C. - While family and friends are coping with the death of former President George H.W. Bush -- the world formerly begins its long goodbye Monday.

"That humility, that humbleness. Don't take myself so seriously. I am the president, but I am just one person, and I am privileged to be in this position," said former Joint Chief Chairman Colin Powell remembering the 41st president.

In Washington DC there was an arrival ceremony at the US Capitol where the popular president will lie in state until Wednesday morning. Then, a private funeral service at the National Cathedral before Bush returns home for a second service in his adopted state of Texas -- to be buried at his presidential library in College Station next to his beloved wife Barbara and daughter Robin.

"He was a man who loved his family, who loved our country, and who served America with distinction all of his life," said Vice President Mike Pence.

The 41st president died at the age of 94.

"No regrets about one single thing in my life that I can think of. I mean I've made mistakes, but they don't measure up to mistakes now. I'm unbelievable happy," said the former president.