A brief closure of a major port of entry between Mexico and the United States as around 500 migrants tried to enter the US illegally Sunday. Stopped by federal and local authorities in Mexico. John Lornic reported,

In some cases tear gas was used to disperse the crowd. A California resident kathleen Edwards said, "it was very scary, you know, I cross often and this is the first time I was just so afraid that I may just stay in America, but I mean it is what it is."

President Trump Tweeted this weekend that migrants seeking asylum, "will not be allowed into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court."

43rd congressional district Representative Maxine Waters said, "it's a humanitarian crisis.  They can't afford to take care of those people and feed those people and have them used as a waiting room, you know, as this president has wanted to them to do."  

Junior United States Senator for Iowa Joni Ernst said, "of course we don't want to see the border close...but you know what? the safety of our nation comes first."

The rush of migrants led authorities to suspend all crossings at the largest border checkpoint between San Diego and Tijuana for a few hours Sunday.  More than three-dozen people were arrested at the border. Mexican officials say the migrants who tried to enter the US Sunday will be deported.