A deadly virus outbreak is targeting children who can't fight back. Now health officials are trying to get to the bottom of this severe form of a common virus.

A New Jersey medical facility that treats sick kids is ground zero for a deadly strain of adenovirus. At least 10 people are dead, 20 others are sick.
The virus usually causes flu-like symptoms but can turn deadly when those with weak immune systems are exposed. One woman  who lost her 16 year old daughter to the sickness says she's never heard of the virus.

Kristine Poulos, the mother of the victim said, "am i angry? I think what it is I need to know information, I like facts.  I just want to know what happened. She's gone, I can't bring her back, she's not coming back."

This morning we're learning a different strain of adenovirus is hitting another pediatric facility in New Jersey where at least five children contracted the sickness. The state's health department plans to investigate more sites to try and prevent further spread.