HONOLULU - The Board of Water Supply and Honolulu city officials held a press conference Thursday as they monitor rising water levels at Nu'uanu Dam #1. 

The BOW reports the water levels rose four to five feet overnight due to the excessive rains from Tropical Depression Olivia. However, it is also said that they are 'no where close' to a dam breach.

It is said that when what reaches the spillway -- which lies about three and a half feet below the top of the day -- water begins to flow downstream.

Evacuations begin when water reaches 1 foot below the top of the dam, which lies at 399.5 feet above sea level. The current level of water is between 394-395 feet.

Officials say they will continue to pump the dam for the next week or so, but in the meantime, they are refining an evacuation plan that could affect approximately 10,000 residents.

View evacuation map here.