HONOLULU - In Tantalus, HECO says another 100 customers lost power when a tree fell onto a power line near 4142 Round Top Drive. It grazed the power lines and blocked Round Top Drive in both directions at around 4 o'clock Wednesday. 

Chuck Midgett lives across it. "I was in my place and I heard what was a big thud. The power flickered," he describes.

Grace Wolff also lives nearby. "There was a loud noise and I heard what sounded like a car get hit. I ran out here. There were flashing sparks from one of the wires."

She heard correctly. Wolf says when the tree fell it grazed a passing Jeep. She stopped to talk to them. She says everyone's OK inside the Jeep but the vehicle sustained minor damage."

Folks who live here say power outages are common during wet weather, and they're not surprised. What is unexpected is how rainy Tropical Storm Olivia is compared to Hurricane Lane. 

Wolff says, "It's so wet- it's worse than the hurricane."