HONOLULU - Storm preps cut into profits at RunJob Software in Chinatown. CEO Scott Jennings says, "I get tired hearing about them. We have events we plan. Then when we cancel, it's loss of revenue for us."

His Wednesday event is looking iffy. "The other companies are starting to cancel, so I imagine half my participants are not going to come," he predicts.

RunJob's feeling the pinch, and so are many other businesses. RunJob Software director of sales Makai Moffatt recalls walking around Waikiki during Hurricane Lane in late August. "Last storm, everything was closed on Friday, from McDonald's to the grocery store. Looked like zombie apocalypse- 10,000 people wandering around, can't spend their money."

Except at a few food joints, like Domino's Hawaii. Director of Business Development Danny Asao says they generally stay open later and longer than most restaurants. "All the businesses close during the storms and we stay open. You can get a pizza!"

Most of the Oahu residents we talked to say they're preparing but not panicking. Kakaako resident Janice Martineau feels safe in her high-rise condo. "I'm not so concerned, but I do have all the things I prepared for Hurricane Lane. We are set for water and things like that."

Mililani resident Rebecca Lisle echos that sentiment. "I'm prepared. I'm hoping it is not intense. I have my family and I hope we're safe from the storm." Preparation and patience- to ride out Tropical Storm Olivia.