During Tropical Storm Olivia emergency shelters will be staffed by Hawaiian Humane Society volunteers, however more volunteers are needed.

Email volunteer@hawaiianhumane.org for more information.

The Humane Society encourages all pet owners to have a plan in the event of a major disaster or emergency. 

Owners are advised to know the location of their nearest emergency shelter.

The following pet-friendly shelters will open Tuesday, September 11 at 8 p.m.:

Honolulu- Kalihi Valley District Park, Manoa Valley District Park

West O'ahu- Ewa Mahiko District Park, Wahiawa District Park, Wai'anae District Park 

East O'ahu- Kailua District Park, Kane'ohe District Park

North Shore- Brigham Young University - Hawaii

All City shelters are allowing people to be housed with their pets.

Owners should also plan to bring their pet indoors well ahead of a natural disaster and ensure that the indoor area is free from any breaking glass, wind and noise.

Every pet should have their own disaster preparedness kit equipped with a 14-day supply of food and water in sealed containers, crate or carrier for each pet in which he can stand up and turn around in with ID card attahced, leash and collar, bedding, towels, toys, treats, and water bowls.