HONOLULU - After winning the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania back on August 26th, the celebration continues.

Thousands came out for a parade to honor the all-star champions Saturday in downtown Honolulu.

From Tamarind park to Honolulu Hale, along the way crowds lined up along South King Street.

"Speechless, something you got to experience can't even explain it, unreal," Kai Lau Kong, Mana Lau Kong's father, said.

The parade featured the Royal Hawaiian Band, school groups, as well as the champs. Governor David Ige, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, and Senator Brian Schatz showered the team with appreciation and proclamations.

“These young men have taught so much to everybody else, including old guys like me.  You can feel it in the air. It’s tangible. We’re all so proud.” Said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

“They were such terrific ambassadors for aloha all the way through the tournament.  As we were dealing with Hurricane Lane it really was an uplifting spirit for all of the people of Hawaii to see their success.” Said Governor David Ige.

Liane Kea, Honolulu Little League pitcher and third basemen Auaki Kea’s mother, said it's been a busy few weeks for their son.

“Everywhere we go somebody recognizes him.” Said Kea.

All-star hitter Sean Yamaguchi's mother, Leina Yamaguchi says, after the celebrations, it's time to look forward.

“All of this is going to be things to remember so, while it’s happening they enjoy the moment.  But, after that it’s back to business.” Said Yamaguchi.

The celebration finished with live entertainment from artists like Josh Tatofi and Kapena, and also gave fans a chance to mingle with the champs.

The team and coach, giving a giant mahalo for the overwhelming love and support.  

“It was great because we knew that everyone at home had our backs while we were up there playing.” Said first basemen Mana Lau Kong. 

“Really what we did was for everyone in Hawaii.” Said Head Coach, Gerald Oda.