Hawaii's Congressional Delegation has urged President Donald Trump Friday to act quickly in regards to Governor David Ige's request for a presidential disaster declaration for areas across the State impacted by Hurricane Lane.

The declaration will help affected communities to access vital federal funding and resources to recover. 

The request is as follows:

“We request your quick action on Governor David Ige’s request for federal aid to help Hawai‘i recover from the flooding-related impacts of Hurricane Lane and recent wildfires,” the delegation wrote. “Hurricane Lane is the third natural disaster that Hawai‘i has faced since April of this year, and our impacted communities need the full suite of assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) along with the other federal disaster programs that become available upon the issuance of a presidential disaster declaration. Your initial emergency declaration for Hurricane Lane allowed for critical support as the state and counties made their preparations. We are grateful for your quick response to the Governor’s request at that time, and we request your continued support for the people of Hawai‘i.”
Governor Ige estimates that over 200 homes have been impacted by Hurricane Lane and wildfires and over $8.6 million is needed in recovery and response costs. 
Hawaii's economy has also been hit, countless businesses have been affected by physical damage and lost revenue.
In addition, the entire event has had significant negative impacts on visitors and their plans on the islands.