FLORIDA - Residents are encountering a new reptile which is enormous, six-feet long, and not an alligator or crocodile.

Imagine finding in your backyard the massive lizard, known as a water monitor. Its been spotted making its rounds in a South Florida neighborhood.
Trappers are out in full force trying to catch the reptile leaving chicken thighs as bait.

A homeowner in the area Zack Lieberman spoke about his experience, "My wife screams and I thought it was the kids, but wait a minute the kids are right here, she's like 'it's back and I'm like 'what's back?'"

Water monitors are native to Asia and experts say they can be dangerous to children and pets. The homeowners who found it in their backyard twice are now worried about their two small kids. Some neighbors believe it is someone's pet. The lizard has not taken the bait.