A family from Connecticut vacationing on Maui is left high and dry after a local tour company closed down.

Tim Watson says he booked a $750 Haleakala sunrise tour with company, Maui Downhill in February, but when he arrived on Maui this week he found the 34-year-old company closed for business. 

Watson says no one contacted him and attempts to call the biking company haven't been successful.

Watson says it is his 25th anniversary and his family is repeating the same activities he and his wife did on their honeymoon 25 years ago, that tour was the highlight of their trip. 

"I'm still sitting here trying to figure out if i'm ever going to get reimbursed for a significant amount of money that's an investment believe it or not," Watson said.

"My feeling is if a person is going to take your money and disappear like that their integrity is not going to be there in the first place, I'm not very hopeful of getting my money back," Watson said.

Watson says someone is selling downhill bikes and gear on Craigslist. 

He believes that it may be the company's owner.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs recommends consumers always purchase items with credit cards in order to provide a paper trail for disputes.

Watson did pay for the tour with a credit card and he is currently trying to work out some sort of reimbursement.