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Nagasaki bell ringing strengthens bond between generations

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August 9, 1945 marked a day of triumph and tragedy.

The United States military launched an atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Nagasaki just days after decimating Hiroshima.  

Days later Japan would surrender.

A then 19-year-old Kayako Kunimoto has never forgotten the bombing.

"Some remember is very horrible. War is crazy, was crazy," Kunimoto said.

On the anniversary of the attack, Kunimoto, like many others at the Myohoji Mission in Nuuanu, pray for peace at this year's 'Peace Bell Ringing Ceremony.'

Each toll signifies a token of respect to the lives instantly lost seventy-three years ago.

For Katsumi Takemoto it's music that connects her to her mother, a hibakusha, a survivor of the atomic attack.

"I believe my shakuhachi expands the sound and the voice of the hibakusha," Takemoto said.

Her song, an original piece, played to strengthen the bond that exists between generations.

"To come together like this and share, is most important. To hear the voices and to share with each other peace, global peace, or a universal peace," Takemoto said.

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