VIRGINIA - The one military identification tag that North Korea turned over to the United States last week is now back in the hands of the soldier's family. The story, got this morning's shakas!
The dog tag belonged to army medic master sergeant Charles McDainel.He was killed in combat with China soldiers back in November of 1950, during the Korean war. His sons, ages 70 and 71, accepted the slightly corroded dog tag at a ceremony in Arlington, Virginia. 

Charles H. McDaniel Jr said, "I have to say I didn't think about the emotions that were very deep even though I was a small boy and have very little memory of my father. But I sat there and I cried for a while and it took a while to compose myself."

Now retired, Charles Junior, went on to become army chaplain colonel.Notifying families of deceased military service-members. He said, someone had to do that for him after his father died in war. Scientists are now working to identify the remains in the 55 cases that were turned over. Officials say, DNA samples will play a critical role in the process.