Fissure 8 is one step closer to having an official name.

Hawaii County Councilwoman Sue Lee Loy introduced Resolution 640 at a committee meeting Tuesday night. 

It requests the State Board on Geographic Names to consult with community members who have direct traditional, cultural and familial ties to the Puna district to establish an appropriate name for the vent. 

Many community members showed up in support. 

"In our culture, the Hawaiian culture, bestowing a name is a heavy responsibility. We know names convey information, names give the characteristic and history of a family or of a place," Ku'ulei Kanahele, Pele hula practitioner said. 

"The name of this site must come together spiritually, and that will be done by its people and due regard for all those of the highest," Reynolds Kamakawiwoole, a Hamakua resident said. 

Those who testified in support also said they'd remain so as long as the process was pono and not rushed to completion.