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Pinky's Beauty Box: Lash extension tips

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Ladies, looking to get some lovely lashes?
Creeland Burrows, Master Lash Stylist at Pinky
s Beauty Box and Owner Kim Burrows have some extension dos and don'ts, even a sweet deal.

What's most important to us is that our clients are happy with their lashes.  When a client first walks in, especially if they are a new client we will take the extra time needed to consult with them on the different styles we offer, the different lengths, thickness and curl. Explained Burrows.  We will also make recommendations as to what's healthy for their natural lashes, something that is too long will be heavy and can weigh down on their natural lashes and ruin its integrity. We also carry a warranty on our work.

The experts explained some common misconceptions about getting extensions, including people who are new to lashes sometimes go to a place that upfront seems to be a bargain. More often it is a nightmare that leaves women with the misconception that extensions are bad.

If you find a place that is licensed with the state and certified, chances are better for you to have the extensions applied correctly. Said Burrows.

Be sure to do some research before you book your lash appointment, check their credentials, suggested Burrows. A person placing tweezers anywhere near your eyes should be trained and certified in lash extensions and should also be licensed by the state of Hawaii or in the progress of obtaining their license, through other legal means.

Another common misconception is that you're not supposed to get your lash extensions wet. In order to maintain healthy hygiene for your lashes and your eyes, you want to cleanse your lashes at least twice a day to remove oils and mucous buildup. The buildup causes your extensions to fallout prematurely. Good hygiene is very important, it can save you a lot of grief from itchy burning watery eyes, so that you can enjoy your extensions.

Pinkys offers many variations for styling lashes. However, the 2 main categories are classic and volume lashes.

Classic is a one enhancement to one natural lash. Pinkys applies one eyelash onto one natural lash, and continues applying until they fill in your natural lashes to create an even natural look.
Then there's volume lashes, where multiple lashes will be applied to each natural lash. This style is best for those who have very sparse lashes and need that volume to make their lashes look naturally fuller.

Volume can also be very glamorous on someone who already has a ton of lashes. Explained Burrows, As you may already know the results for classic or volume lashes will vary from person to person depending on their eye shape and the amount of natural lashes they have.

Pinkys is centrally located on Oahu. First exit off the H2 in the Waipio Crossroads plaza. Hours of operations are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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