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NATO allies to commit $33 billion says President Trump

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Trump left Brussels with a bang, landing in London Thursday, but only after a free wheeling, unscheduled press conference.                 

Thursday NATO members expected the focus to be Russia and Afghanistan, but instead, President Trump had his own agenda.

First, he announced that NATO allies were going to commit billions more-$33 billion to be exact. He said NATO countries would hit that defense spending target of 2% of GDP more quickly than expected, but he gave no specifics or timeframe. 

French President Emmanuel Macron denied that anyone is increasing their commitment.

Trump also answered press questions about Russia taking over Crimea in 2014, and election meddling saying, "President Obama allowed that to happen that was on his watch not on my watch. He may deny it, its one of those things. All I can say is, did you, and don't do it again." 

Trump's rhetoric nowhere near as aggressive with the Russian president as he's been with America's closest allies, just days before his bilateral summit with Putin in Helsinki. 

President Trump is in London Thursday where massive protests were planned-one with a giant sized Trump baby balloon made by demonstrators. 

But Trump is seemingly unconcerned about this-he was actually asked what he thought about the protest, and said it will be fine and most people were looking forward to his visit.

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