The Aloha Cancer Project is hosting a Kitchen Makeover event. The Aloha Cancer Project was founded by two cancer survivors Daniel Gray and Christa Wittmier, to provide a more positive approach to cancer and cancer treatment. Both were put off by traditional support groups where it felt like more of a pity party, which is sometimes therapeutic, but just not for Daniel and Christa.

Wittmier said, "We have events that celebrate the life we are so grateful to still have. We keep an online blog with articles on holistic treatment options that we actually road tested, dealing with side effects, event information, and most importantly a plan of attack for those newly diagnosed. It's all the knowledge I gained during my first few months from stage IV to no evidence of disease."

In an interview we asked Christa and NIna about their special history Wittmier told us, "Nina and I have been friends for years, but when I was diagnosed in 2015 she was the one that stepped up to help me in all these miraculous ways. She just so happened to live on the same property as a naturopathic doctor who helped guide us through some key holistic options for my treatment. 
She became one of my main caregivers, taking me to my doctor's appointments, keeping notes, making herself available to me 24/7, basically becoming a cancer expert. But first and foremost, since she already knew about clean eating she helped me purge my kitchen and change to a plant-based diet. 
What's truly inspiring is that from those months we spent fighting my cancer she decided to change her career path and is now a certified health coach! So this event is us coming full circle."

Holistic health coach and plant based chef Nina Pullella spoke about the big role diet plays for those with cancer, "I think it's huge! Depending on the type of cancer & the stage it's diagnosed I believe it could be one of your best tools to stopping & even reversing the cancer growth. When Christa was diagnosed & we were learning more about the relationship food has on the body we basically put foods into 2 categories, fights cancer or feeds cancer. To fight cancer you should aim to eat 75% of your meal veggies. Choose the most colorful ones, that is a good sign they are high in antioxidants & anti inflammatory compounds. Pick healthy plant based fat like avocado, coconut oil & nuts. Drink lots of water!"

We asked Pullella where is a good place to start she said, "I think the best place to start is by embracing home cooking! Start small, one meal at a time. I like to tell my clients to start with working on a healthy breakfast that they love, then go from there. You can keep it simple, it doesn't have to be a complicated 15 ingredient recipe. Make your kitchen a place you love. Clean the clutter, get some indoor plants, play some tunes or a podcast, make it enjoyable! Making a healthy meal is a great place for caretakers & loved one to step in too. I remember Christa being overwhelmed by people reaching out & "saying let me know if you need anything". But the best were the people who said," I'm bringing you healthy food, what sounds good?". Another great place to start is by getting outside & exploring your local farmers market. They make for an upbeat outing & you get to buy directly from the farmers ensuring your getting the freshest produce possible & it wasn't picked."

If you want to attend the Aloha Cancer Project Kitchen Makeover it will be at the Down to Earth Community Room # 302 (2525 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826) from 6-8PM. Thursday July 19th