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Makeup Basics 101 with Fashion Sense

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Makeup Basics 101, life-style expert Valerie Joseph said, 
Learn the shelf life of your makeup and a flawless summer face
Looks like Summer is here and a good time to take a hard look at what our makeup and beauty tools look like.

 (tools:  3 chalkboard signs, makeup categories)
Many people don't realize, but makeup also has a shelf life.  Be sure to dispose of anything old, broken or causes irritation.
Here's a general guideline for how long you should keep an item before disposing of it due to bacteria:
•      3 MONTHS
o    Mascara
o    Liquid Eye Liners
•      6 MONTHS
o    Eye creams, bases
o    Cream eye shadows 
o    Cream foundations or pancakes
o    Face Powders w/brush or sponges that have had contact with product
•     12 MONTHS 
o    Liquid foundations
o    Moisturizers
o    Concealers w/o stick applicator
•      AS NEEDED
o    Powder and cake eyeshadow/blush
o    Eye liners (pencil)
o    Bronzer

(tools: makeup brushes, acrylic stand, towel, soap & water demo, baby shampoo)
Even makeup brushes expire.  If your brushes have lost its shape time to toss it out.  Makeup tools should be cleaned on a weekly basis – at least – to prevent bacteria buildup.
•      TO CLEAN:
o    Wet bristles with lukewarm water
o    Place a drop of brush cleaner or soap into palm (I like using baby shampoo, because it's gentle)
o    Gently massage tips
o    Rinse bristles
o    Squeeze excess moisture with clean towel
o    Reshape brush head
o    Let dry with bristles hanging off the edge of counter 
•      PRO TIP
*Never let brushes dry on towel – the bristles can become mildewed
*Keep base of brush head away from soap and water as bristles are glued to base and water and detergent can cause glue to disintegrate and bristle become loose.   

(tools: sushi mat, elastic band, needle and thread, makeup brushes) 
Most of us may have these in your kitchen drawer.  A sushi mat!  Lindsey as you know, I don't cook in my kitchen.  Instead, I create!  Here's how you can create a sushi mat roll for your makeup brushes:
You'll need:
•      Sushi mat
•      Black elastic band.  (I like using black so it doesn't show your makeup as much as the white elastic would)
To make:
•      Take the elastic and thread through the 1st 2 rows
•      Securely sew the ends down
•      Continue to thread the elastic through the mat at various widths to fit all your different brushes.
Roll and wrap it up with a cute ribbon

When we come back, we'll teach you how to achieve a fresh summer face with 4 products and how to easily transition from day to night.

Part two: Create a fresh summer face with four products and the transition from day to night

(Model – Keiki)
4 products you'll need:
1.      Foundation 
2.      Eyebrow pencil
3.      Lip Color
4.      Mascara

Step 1:  Apply foundation all over face for a smooth look.
Step 2:  Fill in eyebrows with pencil.  Eyebrows are the single feature that help shape your face so be sure to fill them in slightly
Step 3:  Add lipcolor 
Step 4:  Use lipcolor and dab 3 dots on apples of cheeks and blend
Step 5:  Use leftover color on fingertips to blend just under brows
Step 6:  Finish with mascara

(MODEL:  Becca)
We used the same 4 products to create Becca's daytime face.  On the right here, you can see that we…..
Step 1:  Use a bright red color to lips and cheek 
Step 2;  Add False lashes.  Lashes help to open up your eyes for a more vibrant look
Step 3:  Finish with loose powder 

(MODEL:  Jenn)
We used the same 4 products to create Jenn's daytime face.  
If you have dark thick lashes (lucky you!), we're going to focus on the eyes.  On the right you can see that we….
Step 1:  Add eyeliner to create a more dramatic look 
Step 2;  Use bronzer to contour along cheekbones and frame face
Step 3:  Apply deeper color to lips and dab on apples of cheeks
Step 4:  Add highlight on cheekbones for that JLo Glow ?

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