HONOLULU - After multiple scandals involving law enforcement a newly passed bill aims to earn back the public's trust by getting a police standards board.

The board would keep an eye on county police officers, state public safety officers and any state agency employee with police powers. Before this Hawaii was the only state to not have a police standards board.

The bill establishing one was on Governor David Ige's planned veto list but yesterday he decided to allow it without signing it and said, "I do believe that its not funded at the level that it needs to be there's a lot of work that needs to be done. and the timeline i think is just not realistic."

In  response Honolulu's police chief Susan Ballard said, "the HPD supports the intent of house bill 2071.  While the department still has concerns, we remain committed to regaining the public's trust and creating standards that will best serve the people of Hawaii."