New signs are posted at the small bay near Kahe Power Plant asking people especially fishermen not to feed the Hawaiian monk seals. 

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources reports at least three seals have been spotted looking for food in the bay and some fishermen have been seen tossing them scraps of fish.

The DLNR says it's not healthy for the seals and they may start trying to steal food off hooks. 

"We do not think anything intentional is occurring, simply that the seal has learned that it can get an easy meal over here," said Angela Amlin of the NOAA Pacific Fisheries. "So we've been chatting with fishermen in this location, encouraging them not to feed the seals. Seals are a lot like dogs, if you feed them once, they'll come back for more."

If you see a Hawaiian monk seal that might be hooked, call the Marine Animal Stranding and Entanglement hotline at 1-888-256-9840.