The deadly condominium fire at Marco Polo the worst in the history of our state, happened a year ago this Saturday. 

Many residents are still dealing with the aftermath. 

Eight weeks is the going rate for repairs, and that means "everybody out" when it's your section being worked on.

One woman we talked to today went right down to the wire, worried she wouldn't have any place to go.

When flames leapt from the Marco Polo building last July, Mary Grillo was among the hundreds terrified they'd lose everything.

Mary was lucky that day, the unit she's owned for 16 years was not affected. But now, she doesn't feel so lucky.

The building's being repaired top to bottom, and she has to clear out while crews are working near her unit. That's 8 weeks.

She's not happy about the time frame, or the asking price for temporary housing...

"$2800 a month. Honololu's not cheap and finding a place for only 2 month's is not easy," said Marco Polo resident Mary Grillo. 

And on this day, getting help from her insurance company wasn't easy, either.

"I'm hoping that they got a check for me so I can relocate so I'm not homeless in 3 days," said Grillo.

They didn't.

"I was told that my insurance adjuster's not here right now and he may or may not come in later. I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone else and I was told they arent here and cant help me," said Grillo.

She was sent away with an email address she already had. 

"I'm scared to death. I dont know whats going to happen or where I'm going to live in 3 days," Grillo continued.

Someone did come outside at that point to help, and made copies of her paperwork and new lease.

A spokesperson told Island News they processed her claim and gave her a check!

Andrew Fortin from Associa, the company that manages the Marco Polo, says there's also help available for people struggling with finding a temporary home.

"Our charity associa cares has earmarked over $50,000 for the relocation process. And we have grants available of up to $1000 for the temporrary relocation costs," said Fortin.

The building manager said there's still along way to go. The repairs are done 3 floors at a time from top to bottom and theyre about to start the 11th floor.

Repairs are expected to last until next year.